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HiiiH Technologies is proud to present HIIIH-TEX - a Pocket ENT Video Endoscope for Pediatricians, GP's & ENT's to wirelessly assess Ear, Nose and Oral cavity of children and neonates through your smart phones. (Android & iOS compatible)
The device is medically regulated, CE marked and has the prestigious BIS - Bureau of Indian Standards quality certification. (Previously ISI)
A simple tool to use in OPD, ward rounds, tele examination and medical camps.

What conditions in ENT require Video examinations

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Ear pain or Ear blockage

A video ear examination is needed to differentiate from ear wax accumulation or middle ear conditions.

Nose Bleeding

A video nose examination is needed to spot the site of the nose bleed and assess the nasal lining and bony structures.

Nose Block

A video nose examination is needed to identify the site of nose blockage, any central bony deformity, or enlarged turbinates.

Throat pain

An oral cavity and oropharynx video examination is needed to differentiate infections from injuries for conditions like tonsillitis, LPRD, or foreign body in the throat.

Voice change

A video endoscopy of the throat is needed to assess the vii e box and its neighboring structures to identify the cause of voice change.

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Our Team

HiiiH Technologies has a strong core team driven by Specialist Doctors, Biomedical Engineers, Business Experts and Government Support

ENT Surgeon

Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi : Founder & CEO

ENT Surgeon and an expert in the Biodesign process, trained at Stanford University and recognised as one of the 35 Innovators under the age of 35 by MIT Technology review (2016). He has over 20+ innovations to his credit

Business Development

Gaurav Chaturvedi: Co Founder & Head of Business Development

Gaurav Chaturvedi is a Lawyer and MBA in marketing and Finance and has a wealth of experience in developing business strategies and fund raising

Director of International Business

Om Khatri, Director of International Business

With over 4 decades of business experience, Mr. Khatri leads international business development and sales for GCC & ASEAN countries

Clinical Specialist

Supraja Prasad, Clinical Specialist

Supraja is a molecular scientist and biomedical engineer with Pharmaceutical and healthcare industrial experience, and expertise in...

Corporate compliance officer

Ankit Shankar, Corporate compliance officer

Ankit is a corporate compliance officer of our organization. He is a Chartered Accountant and have a vast experience of over 13 years in the filed of Finance and handling compliance. He assists starts-up in due diligence and other advisory process.