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HiiiH Technologies is proud to present HIIIH-TEX - a Pocket ENT Video Endoscope for Pediatricians, GP's & ENT's to wirelessly assess Ear, Nose and Oral cavity of children and neonates through your smart phones. (Android & iOS compatible)
The device is medically regulated, CE marked and has the prestigious BIS - Bureau of Indian Standards quality certification. (Previously ISI)
A simple tool to use in OPD, ward rounds, tele examination and medical camps.

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HiiiH Tex Pocket Endoscope is a PATENTED, BIS TESTED & CDSCO Certified portable device that wirelessly connects to any Android and iOS phone or tablet, for the screening of ear, nose, teeth&oral cavity, throat, vagina and rectum using 6 interchangeable attachments that are included in this one-of-a-kind tele-examination system. You can now record and store the images and videos taken during the endoscopy onto your smart phone or tablet. This device is ideal for Pediatricians, General Physicians, Family Physicians, ENT Specialists, Dentists, oral & cervical Cancer screening teams, clinics, nursing homes, hospitals and tele-medicine organisations. This device can also be used by Veterinary Doctors and by Medical students and medical institutions for training & educational purposes. So, you can now have your own multi-purpose, medical grade, portable pocket Endoscope that empowers you and your abilities as a Doctor and that too at 1/10th the price of any existing rigid endoscopy system. Hiiih Tex pocket Endoscope can be ordered online from www.hiiih-tex.com or by calling this number. Get yours now! This device is developed with the support of the Government of India's Start up seed capital program, through the Niti Ayog's Atal incubation centre at Nitte University, Mangalore.

The HiiiH Tex Pocket Endoscope Device can be safely disinfected using our proprietary 90% Isopropyl alcohol Non-woven soft fibre wipes. Simply cut open the sachet with the wipe, and clean the surface of the probe thoroughly for 5-10 seconds. Allow the probe to dry for 30 seconds before next usage. The wipes can be used multiple times as long as the wipes remain wet. Since the specialised fibres are designed to absorb higher quantities of alcohol, the wipes remain wet for an avg 30 mins depending upon external environmental conditions. The HiiiH Tex Disinfectant wipes have been thoroughly tested with numerous culture sensitivity studies carried out before and after the disinfection process. No transmissible bacterial or fungal growth has been found after the use of HiiiH Tex Disinfectant wipes. The soft non-woven fibres of the wipes avoid any injury to the lens surface or probe. We do not recommend cleaning of the wipes with the commercially available 70% alcohol wipes. Since the HiiiH Tex Pocket Endoscope Device has embedded electronics, it is not suitable for immersion into Cidex or other disinfectant solutions. The device can be disinfected using ETO gas and UV light.

Disinfecting the HiiiH Tex Pocket Endoscope Device

What conditions in ENT require Video examinations

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Ear pain or Ear blockage

A video ear examination is needed to differentiate from ear wax accumulation or middle ear conditions.

Nose Bleeding

A video nose examination is needed to spot the site of the nose bleed and assess the nasal lining and bony structures.

Nose Block

A video nose examination is needed to identify the site of nose blockage, any central bony deformity, or enlarged turbinates.

Throat pain

An oral cavity and oropharynx video examination is needed to differentiate infections from injuries for conditions like tonsillitis, LPRD, or foreign body in the throat.

Voice change

A video endoscopy of the throat is needed to assess the vii e box and its neighboring structures to identify the cause of voice change.

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